Reigate Pop Up Shop Mysilverdesign


 My name is Jayne Turnbull.

Mysilverdesign is all about individual handcrafted silver designer jewelry, produced at my workbench in Surrey, with 925 sterling silver. 

My aim is to enhance the pure natural qualities of the metal for unique and personalized pieces,  inspiration being drawn from many sources, but texture and shape have always feature strongly.

Instagram - @mysilverdesign_

Reigate Pop Up Shop Mysilverdesign
Reigate Pop Up Shop Orea


Orea - meaning 'beautiful' in Greek - started following Mia's wedding in Crete, when she fell in love with the jewellery over there. After a career in buying, it seemed sensible to start a small business rather than buy it all for herself! She has since grown the jewellery collection to include ranges from France and England.
Mia has also introduced gorgeous handmade artisan leather bags from Kenya, supporting fair trade and employment with amazing workmanship.

Instagram - @orea_mia_brown

Reigate Pop Up Shop Beau Bella Jewellery

Beau Bella


My name is Caroline Wiltshire and I sell colourful and sparkling beadwork and sterling silver jewellery, which are all handmade in my Reigate studio using Czech glass beads, seed beads, Swarovski crystals and semi precious gemstones.

Instagram - @beaubellajewellery

Reigate Pop Up Shop Beau Bella Jewellery
Reigate Pop Up Shop Beau Bella Jewellery
Reigate Pop Up Shop Kaziumiko


Kaziumiko uses natural semi precious stones, fresh water pearls, precious and semi precious metals such as silver, copper and brass to create handmade jewellery that is not only beautiful, but affects a wearer in many positive ways.
Kaziumiko is also passionate about reclaiming beautiful vintage and modern sterling silver and gemstone jewellery pieces and bring them back to life so they can be enjoyed and loved again.

Reigate Pop Up Shop Kaziumiko
Reigate Pop Up Shop Kaziumiko

The Stylistic

Fran & Ness are friends from Surrey who share a love of French bulldogs, shopping and finishing each other's sentences.

We also love searching for little gems that make beautiful, unique pieces of jewellery.

Repurposing rare of vintage buttons, bag charms or zip pulls into jewellery.

We enjoy diversifying into everything our active imaginations can discover.

Instagram - @thestylisticgirls

Facebook - /thestylistic



Address: 1B Church St, Reigate RH2 0AA. England United Kingdom

Phone: 07771 389215



Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 5pm

Saturday: 9:30am - 5:30pm
​Sunday: 12pm - 4pm