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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

Well the weather has been great, the children are back at school and hopefully into a routine of some sort and finally we are allowed to catch up with loved ones. The shop has been fairly busy so thank you once again to all our happy shoppers, it is as good for us to see you, as it is for you to get out of the house.


Artist of the week, this week is........Amie Anderson.

Follow her on instagram..... @amieartfulness

Amie is a professional artist working from her home studio in Reigate. She works mainly with oil paints on canvas and likes to create large landscapes, of wild flowers, woodlands or forests. Her paintings are always full of bold, vibrant colour and plenty of texture. She likes to exaggerate depth and contrast and still loves experimenting with different materials and techniques, so her work continues to develop. Ultimately she hopes they bring colour and enjoyment to peoples homes.

The pure scale and colour of these pieces are amazing and if you are passing the shop stick your head in and have a look at our artists wall, you can't miss it, it is on the left as you walk in. It lifts the shop floor with its intensity of colour and imagination. There is a painting or print in the shop for all tastes that will guarantee to lift that "dark corner" or "not sure what to do" with wall.

Inspiration: the beautiful print "La Closerie Des Lilas", refined and delightful for a sophisticated living space, you could almost imagine the blue velvet sofa and small period armchair.

Both pieces by St Mary's Books, check out the website for more unique pieces.

Next week we will showcase a new artist so please stay in touch, also follow us on instagram and facebook.

We sincerely hope you have a good week and drop in to say hello and browse at any time.


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