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Welcome to the Pop UP Blog!

Welcome to another edition of the Pop up Blog, this week we are waiting on another delivery of new exciting merchandise and a new business arriving to join our clan! All will be unveiled next week so you will have to be patient for that!


However, Artist of the week this week is Homebee and the lovely person behind the name is Jean Holmes

This business has been brought about from her love of beautiful interiors. She is always looking for new and unusual items for her own home.

Jean has been a busy working Mum for the last 14 years, during this time she has constantly thought about having her own website and shop that is full of the beautiful things that she loves.

She has worked hard to get here, with over twenty five years retail, customer service experience and Interior design knowledge.

It really is a business that started life from the kitchen table, just herself with a little distraction from Teddy the dog. 7 years later she is still going strong. Jean's mission is to bring you great products at reasonable prices.

We really hope you love her products as much as we do.


Some other little things to entice you with.....

Leather and steel chairs, old pottery pots that look like that they once stored olive oil from exotic realms, beautiful antique mirrors that would make a statement on any wall and the odd toucan or two proudly showing off his bright coloured feathers and bill. Antiquarian books in the bookcase that not only looks the part but it is, with its fully operational sliding doors.

And just as you thought it couldn't get any better, Andrew Poder's stunning sculptures from the most exquisite pieces of wood are breathe-taking. His boxes are just as beautiful inside as out, definitely worth a look.


Thank you once again for your amazing support this week, it is so nice to talk to you as you come into the shop. Next week we look forward to featuring another one of our artists and hope you join us then, have a good week!


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