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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

Welcome once again to another Pop Up Blog. It's been a bit more difficult this week, what with Covid rearing it's ugly head once again within the town, so please be very careful.


A few of the artists on show in the gallery at the Pop Up, left to right starting at the top: Judit Matthews, Sarah Hopson, Sarah Hopson, Julia Adams and Judit Matthews.


Some of the wonderful products in the shop. I thought you might like a catch up. Product changes quickly so if you see anything you like in the shop or on the internet, don't leave it too long as a lot of it is handmade and one off's.


Emilia Hunt designs the most wonderful prints for her merchandise, the colours are stunning the print unique and just what every kitchen and dining table requires at the moment. We all need something to brighten our lives! Thank Emilia.


Thank you to everyone who has paid us a visit this week. Please stay in touch, follow us on instagram if you aren't already and keep an eye out for whats happening on the website. Take care everyone and have a good week.



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