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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

This week we are concentrating on colour, if you understand how to use it in and around the house it makes life a lot easier. So I thought a few simple techniques may help you to understand and use colour in your decorating with confidence.


One of the best and simplest things to consider when redecorating is the 60, 30, 10 rule, which refers to the percentage of colour to use. For instance, 60% will be the dominant shade, usually the neutral shade such as, off-white, light grey or maybe go bold with a dark blue or orange. The 30% also known as the secondary colour, is often the shade that compliments the main shade, this can be a tone darker or a bit bolder, such as hessian, linen, a darker tone of grey, . Finally you have your 10% accent colour, if you are using the neutral colour palette, rose gold can be very kind as the accent shade, maybe you are using the greyscale palette, of white, grey and black could be the pop. Complimentary colours are the best for the accent shades, these are colours opposite each other on the colour wheel and as suggested by their name they sit well together. (see colour wheel below).


Bright colours such as Charlottes Locks by Farrow and Ball look great in hallways with fun accessories. Dark Blue can make a fantastic feature wall for any room, while Neutral and grey colours can work well in bedrooms for the cool, clean, crisp look.

Pop Up Shop accessories: antique mirror with doors, hand made lampshades with or without fringe, hanging elephant, quirky art deco vase, tall cream deco vase, blue face wine glass.


Colour wheel

So from this you can see that the complimentary colours are the opposites, purple and yellow, blue and orange, red and green and all the other variations in between. Have a play around with your accessories and see how it can change the balance of a room.

Well that's probably enough for one day.....!!! We can add to this next week and see how you have got on with your experiments. We'll have a look at warm versus cool colours and colour families next week.


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Thank you for your continuing support, see you next week.


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