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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

This week we are in the throws of the last few days of voting for the Best Gift Shop in Surrey with the Muddy Stilettos Awards, voting closes on the Friday 23rd July

So this is a big plea from all of us at the Pop Up, please vote for us, ask your family and friends to vote too, add us to instagram and face book, we really do appreciate your support, it has been unbelievable. Click on the image above to take you straight to the voting page.

We also welcome a new small business back to the Pop Up and we are focusing on 9 effective ways to add colour to your living space.


A big warm welcome back to Natalie specialising in Macrame Making Kits. Her kits come with full instructions, beautifully presented in a cardboard box with the image of the design clearly on the front. She is part of the business called My Little Wish, Which is a wonderful concept offering a little comfort/Hygge with sustainable materials and products.


Onto the colour bit..... with 9 ways to add fun and style to your living area.

  1. Paint one wall, consider what your accent colours could be, referring back to your complimentary colours, ie blue and orange or red and green, yellow and purple.

  2. Use cushions in bright accent shades, mix and matching your patterns, have fun experimenting with different textures and patterns.

  3. Bring natural elements into the house, house plants, real, dried or pretend are equally as effective, adding greenery to your indoor space.

  4. Add a new Lamp or a new lampshade, this can not only change and add a pop of colour to the room, but also add more ambience with subdued lighting.

  5. Add a new piece of furniture or paint or reupholster one that already exists.

  6. Reflect light, add large mirrors, great for large areas of wall with little interest.

  7. Add some interesting art, this can be individual pieces or groups of pictures, choose your frames to co-ordinate.

  8. Paint a bookcase add interesting paper to the back of the shelves or paint another piece of furniture that is large enough to add statement to your room.

  9. And finally throw on some colour, throws are a great way of changing the season, with colour and texture. Warm and fluffy for the winter and bright and cheerful for the summer.

So no more excuses, while we are still going through isolation and spending time in the home make it count and have some fun.


Thank you to everyone who has voted for us in the Best Gift Shop in Surrey awards and those that come into the shop and support us. You all have wonderful things to say about the shop and the feedback is invaluable.

Stay safe and see you soon



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