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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

We have had a busy week in the Pop Up, mainly due to your support of course and all the new stock that came in. Natasha is currently at the Birmingham Trade Show looking for more goodies for all of you, so watch this space. The other 26 businesses are busy creating new product and updating their areas this week for a fresh new look, so if you are around do drop in, it is always nice to see you.


We are excited to welcome Crystal and Stone to the Pop Up Shop, her beautiful jewellery can be found downstairs and here is a taster of what to look for:

All the pieces are handmade in her Croydon studio using gold filled and silver elements with semi-precious stones.


Another lovely piece of news this week is, a new baby boy was born to Emilia Hunt. Mother, father and baby are all well and we send our love and congratulations to them. It's a first to have a new baby at the Pop Up, so exciting!


More news this week Coppertop Candles have added a range of wonderful smelling candles to their range of diffusers. 3 new aromas, my favourite being Gin and Tonic! The wonderful fragrances that always greet you as you walk down the stairs in the Pop Up are fantastic and even better in your own environment.

Coppertop Candles make wonderful gifts, but only after you have your supply!


And on a more light hearted note, Natasha finally upgraded her old dodgy vehicle for a more practical number, which will be a great help for deliveries, if only we can get the ratchet working....!!!!

Look forward to your company in the shop if and when you are passing, have a great week as I think we are expecting a little ray of sunshine too!


Till next time.


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