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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

Hi and welcome to this weeks Pop Up Blog, this week we put the Christmas cards out! I know it seems far too early, but this time last year they had been selling for a week.


Natasha from St Mary's Books South (and the manageress)! unpacking the new range of Christmas cards, I can't believe it's less than 100 days till Christmas.

Well, after the Christmas cards comes the baubles and you know how much we all love's Christmas just putting them out on display and then the Christmas window, so much to look forward too!


What other delights do we have for you....mmmmm, a quick snap shot.

A few humorous objet d'art for you to cast your eyes over, by St Mary's South. Something really delightful from Coppertop Candles to add wonderful scents to your rooms from, very relaxing, sensual or fresh and up-lifting. Then something a little more aesthetic and naturally pleasing by HomeBee. The shops really beginning to buzz with the excitement of, firstly, halloween and then of course the big festive season is upon us quicker than we know it.


And of course we couldn't finish a blog without at least a quick nod to the artists, which as ever is a stunning array of texture and colour.

From top left to right Jenny Frear Photography, Jenny Frear Photography, Sarah Hopson Paints and Amie Artfulness. I just love these moody thought provoking images.


Next week we'll begin to introduce some of the new ideas for Christmas....never too early to get those presents in...! As always, thank you for your wonderful support, which we really do appreciate and the wonderful feedback we get from so many of you, it makes our jobs worth while. Look forward to seeing you soon. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook or instagram.


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