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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

Well lock-down is slowly beginning to hopefully be a thing of the past, and we have under 24 hours before we re-open, I hope you are as excited as we are! We have so many wonderful things to show off to you, I thought I would do a sneak preview.......

The stunning window display!

Inside - Out!

Check out those vases, I have already ordered mine!

Everything is so beautifully displayed.

It's a real lifestyle statement and something for every taste.

and for every room....

and every occasion.

All our small businesses have worked really hard to make your experience a unique and exciting one, all those who produce hand crafted products have been really innovative and industrious during lock down and created some wonderful new ideas for you. We all look forward to welcoming you to the shop in person whether you are a returning customer or new to the Pop Up experience.

Please remember to wear a face mask and respect each others space.''


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