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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

This is so exciting The Reigate Pop Up shop will be hosting one of the first editions of the Harry Potter books.

What is it that makes it so special?

Well this copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was one of the first to be printed it has a

hard back and is the rarest with laminated boards, Bloomsbury is listed at the bottom of the title page,

the print line on the copyright page is 10 down to 1 and on page 53 in Harry's list of school supplies, 1 wand was listed twice. It will be behind locked doors!


Meet Natasha who is part of the family business that originally founded St Mary's books in Leicester in 1971, since then it has moved to Stamford and now has a presence in Reigate. They are major specialists in the fields of Harry Potter first editions, Wisden Cricketers' Almanacks, Country and Rural pursuits, of hunting, shooting and fishing, to name a few, they have had their own website since 1998, being one of the first to have an internet presence in this field and well worth checking out. They actually have a gift guide for those customers with discerning taste,


Sumo Taschen Books also play a major role, these are absolutely exquisite signed copies of large original art works and photographs, such as David Hockney, Annie Leibovitz and David Bailey, definitely worth having a look at if you are passing the shop and would grace any corner that requires a statement piece.


If you are looking for something particular or just love books come in and have a look, check out the website or if you need to have a chat then Phone Natasha on 07771 389215


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