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Welcome to the Pop Up Blog!

This week the shop is having a make-over, preparing the way for the grand opening on the 12th April, I can't tell you how exciting it is, so I thought I would give you a sneaky preview into what is happening in the world of the "Pop Up".


Firstly, someone has to co-ordinate us all and that is down to Milly, (Emilia Hunt whose hand drawn designs are the essence of her products for the home, stunning designs and vibrant colours) without her it would be total mayhem!

A lot of cleaning is required, painting, refits and then finally the exciting new product goes out.


Everyday for the next two weeks, two of the small business owners will be revamping their areas and adding their new product for you, its amazing at how this will come together with so much energy, excitement and enthusiasm. Walls needing filling, then painting ready to hang all the unique individual art work back up again.


Thomson and Pooch are ahead with their beautiful vegan bags of all sorts and for every occasion, but still has a way to go and more painting to do. The artist wall with Amie's gorgeous painting on the stairwell is looking great.

I can't begin to describe the buzz that is beginning, at finally being able to slowly come out of lock-down and show you what we have all been up to during this period.

We are very conscious of making this a safe and comfortable environment for you and us and we still will need to respect the 2 meter rule and each others space, obviously masks will be mandatory and hand sanitizer always at the ready.


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